Shoreline replanting
  • © Banque TD
Problem : It is estimated that over one-third of Laval and North Shore shorelines have been filled. Such shoreline damage seriously jeopardizes the survival of many species, and interferes with their ecological roles.
Planting. With the help of volunteers, the park organizes several planting drives a year, to restore damaged shorelines and habitats. Adding native plant species also provides good habitats for local flora and fauna. © Éco-Nature
Targeted awareness. The park gives talks for property owners along the Mille Îles and Des Prairies rivers, to share the importance of environmentally friendly shoreline development and restoring habitats along the river. For instance, owners are encouraged to maintain natural, green shorelines, with no artificial structures that warm the water and damage water quality. © Éco-Nature
If you are a property owner, contact your municipality before starting any kind of shoreline work. You may need a permit. You can also take part in the planting drives organized by the park.