Monarch butterflies
  • Monarch
    © Simon Koopman
Problem : These famous migratory butterflies have been in sharp decline in recent years. Their survival is threatened as food habitats (undeveloped land with wildflowers) are lost and milkweed – the only plant on which their caterpillars can develop – becomes increasingly scarce.
Protecting food habitats. The park has signed an agreement with the Quebec transport department to limit mowing operations along some Laval and North Shore highway access roads, in order to preserve milkweed and monarch food habitats. © Éco-Nature
Creating pollinator gardens. The park creates gardens full of native flowers for monarchs and other pollinators to feed on, and encourages municipalities and residents to plant such gardens. © Claude Roy
Awareness and education. The park conducts awareness activities to encourage residents to use native plants in their landscaping and to protect milkweed. © Éco-Nature
When planting a flower garden, include native species that produce plenty of nectar, especially milkweed. Don’t remove any milkweed already growing on your property, and avoid using pesticides.