Fish at risk
  • Copper redhorse
    © Nathalie Vachon, MFFP
  • American eel
    © Ellen Edmonson
  • Eastern sand darter
    © Alan Dextrase-Trent University-OMNR
  • Lake sturgeon
    © Mathieu paquette
Problem : Nearly 10 different fish species in the Mille Îles River are at risk, largely because of deteriorating water quality, shoreline fill and habitat loss (aquatic plant communities and spawning grounds).
Inventorying. The park conducts experimental fishing exercises in co-operation with the Quebec wildlife department, to confirm the presence of species at risk in some parts of the river and monitor their populations. © Éco-Nature
Awareness and education. The park conducts various activities to inform anglers that they must put redhorses and suckers back in the water, and to help them to recognize these fish. One of the species concerned, copper redhorse, is found only in Quebec and is endangered. © Éco-Nature
Replanting. The park is working to replant the Mille Îles River shoreline, to restore its natural appearance and ecological roles. At the same time, this helps to improve water quality, and hence the habitat for different species. © Banque TD
Monitoring. The park documents accidental redhorse catches with the help of informed anglers, in keeping with the requirement to put these fish back in the water. © Daniel Hatin
Fish responsibly! Be sure to have a valid licence, respect the quotas and fishing periods and the specific rules in effect. If you live along the river, maintain a natural, green shoreline, with a variety of native plants.