Wood ducks
  • Wood duck
    © Claude Roy
Problem : These colourful ducks nest in holes in standing trees. But the declining numbers of large mature trees near the river and wetland loss are making life difficult for this species.
Protecting wetlands. The park helps conserve and protect hundreds of hectares of natural habitats suitable for wood ducks along the Mille Îles River. Thanks to these efforts, wood duck populations are now stable. © Éco-Nature
Installing nesting boxes. The park installs duck nesting boxes along the Mille Îles River, to provide places for them to nest and protect the species. It checks the nesting boxes every year to track their success. © Anais boutin
If you are a property owner, maintain wooded shoreline areas and don’t remove any old hollow trees (snags) unless they are dangerous. The park’s experts can give you tips on making and installing nesting boxes.