Rare plants
  • Lizard’s tail
    © Sophie-Poliquin
  • American water-willow
    © Francis Allaire
Problem : American water-willow and lizard’s tail are found along the Mille Îles River. Urban, industrial and agricultural development, shoreline fill and pollution in the St. Lawrence are threatening their survival.
Monitoring plant habitats. Every year, the park checks on American water-willow and lizard’s tail colonies and works to identify any threats facing them. © Francis Allaire
Identifying new occurrences. As they document and identify plants and colonies along the Mille Îles River, the park's experts sometimes find new colonies. © Éco-Nature
To protect colonies of these rare plants, be sure not to land or take your boat through aquatic plant colonies. And don’t mow your lawn right down to the shoreline.